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Cook stepped down on Monday after a record 59 matches in charge. "He was getting drained by the relentlessness of being England captain," Strauss told the BBC's sports editor Dan Roan. Strauss added that vice-captain Joe Root would be a strong candidate to take over but refused "to rule anyone in or out of the role". Cook is England's highest run-scorer in Test cricket with 11,057, while his 140 Test appearances and 30 centuries are also national records. But the Essex batsman had been considering his future as captain after his side suffered a 4-0 Test series defeat in India last year. Cook's 10 best moments as captain And Strauss said the 32-year-old had taken time to come to his decision. "We know it has been a tough winter and it was an obvious time for him to step back and reflect and consider and have thoughts about what was right for the team moving forwards," he said. "In my conversations with him in January it became clear that Alastair felt a huge amount of energy, drive and determination was needed to drive the team forward over the next 12 months. "You are the only one who knows how much gas you have left in the tank and how much the many demands of being England captain are taking out of you. "He feels it is time for new blood, new impetus and fresh thinking and allow someone else to take over and do that. "Once it became obvious how clear his thinking was, it was his decision to make.

This Is What It’s Like To Sleep in Tom Brady’s Pajamas Wearing them over the following two nights, I noticed one key improvement. I have a fairly brittle lower back, and a couple of weeks ago I tweaked it playing basketball. After a day of extreme discomfort I couldnt stand upright ชุดนอนผ้าซาติน the injury steadily improved. But I had some persistent soreness. After a few nights in the pajamas, however, my back felt great. Ever since I first herniated a disc about three years ago (an injury that kept me off the weekend warrior hoops court for over a year), Ive followed a stretching routine, designed by a physical therapist, to prevent and reduce back pain. I have no idea whether the stretching or the pajamas were more responsible for my comfort. All I can say is that when I combined both, my lower back felt great. I also went for a run 3-mile run Saturday to test the recovery claim.

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